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School catering

The dining rooms are arranged along the establishment’s ‘main street’, on the ground floor.

Its organisation has been designed to allow children, teachers and school staff to take advantage of dedicated spaces, limiting the effects of overcrowding. It has 3 dining rooms:

  • Kindergarten dining room
  • Primary dining room
  • Self-service dining room

The self-service area has also been specially designed and built, in collaboration with our catering provider Aden, to offer a more modern canteen experience. It is structured around three concept stations, each with its own identity:

  • Monsieur Nam
    This stand is a tribute to Colonel Yersin. “Mr Nam” was the nickname given to Alexandre Yersin by the Vietnamese because of the five stripes corresponding to his rank on his military jacket. The original idea was to create a space that reflected the sobriety and elegance of the French style, with shades of anthracite grey and black, enhanced by cement tiles that combine traditional and very contemporary aspects.

At Monsieur Nam you’ll find authenticity, simplicity and taste.
Bœuf Bourguignon (beef bourguignon), Mijoté de porc à la moutarde (pork stew with mustard) and Tomates farcies (stuffed tomatoes) are all on offer.

  • Rest’oi
    Rest’oi was conceived as a culinary journey through Asia, where students and Lycée staff can (re)discover traditional dishes such as Pho soup and Singaporean-style fried noodles, as well as emblematic Vietnamese dishes such as Bun Cha.

The journey begins with its design, with the tones and materials chosen to dress the counter, its warm colours of orange, yellow and green, its colourful shutters and its lamps directly inspired by traditional Vietnamese hats.

  • Le Potager d’Alex:
    Freshness and nutrition from the garden to the plate. Including a salad bar in a school helps to increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. At Potager d’Alex, you’ll find a selection of fresh starters, mixed salads and the starter of the day.

The name of this central element of Aden’s catering offer is obviously a tribute to Alexandre Yersin.