Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin

Air quality

The LFAY has distributed 8 AirVisual sensors throughout the facility to measure PM2.5. Indoor air quality is measured in terms of two parameters: the concentration of fine particles PM2.5 (in µg/m3) and the level of CO2 (in ppm).

Naming and locating sensors
The locations have been chosen to cover all the school areas and in relation to the air handling units. The sensors are not nominative and are moved to their allocated zone during each school holiday period.

Time zones
The air handling units in the school building are in operation on working days from 6am until 7pm.

Measurements are published every hour as an average of the past hour.

Better air quality than outside
A filtration percentage is given as an indication. This depends not only on the efficiency of the centralised filtration system, but also on human behaviour inside the establishment. Opening a door or window in times of high pollution has immediate consequences for indoor air quality.

Air quality in the school

Filtered rooms

LFAY - Qualité de l'air