Kindergarten (PS to GS)

Kindergarten is a school for very young children that prepares them for the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. This is a preparatory period for elementary education: the main objectives are socialisation and the development of language, numbers and graphic skills.

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Primary schools (CP to CM2)

Primary schools is the continuation of kindergarten, with which it forms the so-called primary school.

The main aim of primary schools is to teach children fundamental skills: learning to read, write and do arithmetic is of course a priority. Early-learning activities (arts and games) remain important, especially in the first classes.

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Secondary school

The collège marks students’ entry into secondary education. It is organised into four levels, from sixième to troisième, and structured into educational cycles.

General lycée: in two years, the general route prepares students for the general baccalauréat and further higher education. It is preceded by a determination cycle common to both the general and technological options.