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Admission procedures 2024-2025


PLEASE NOTE: No payment is required until the registration has been validated by the school principal alone.

Students are enrolled in their age class (the class corresponding to their year of birth) or in the level indicated by their home school (a school in the AEFE network or a school recognised by the French national education system).

Admission priorities

Admissions are decided solely by the Head of School on the basis of available places, according to the following order of priorities:

  • Student of French nationality.
  • Student from the AEFE network or from a school recognised by the French national education system.
  • Students of Vietnamese nationality or non-Vietnamese nationals who already have a brother or sister at LFAY.
  • A student whose parent is a former student of LFAY.
  • Other students

Late registration requests, even for French children, can only be processed if places are available.

Entry requirements

Entry in PS :
Enrolment in the kindergarten reception class is open for :

  • Petite Section (PS): children born in 2021.

Entry to higher classes:
Any application for enrolment from a pupil who does not attend school or who comes from a school not recognised by the French national education system will systematically be the subject of an in-depth study; if the application is accepted, an entrance test will be requested from Grande section (GS), if places are still available.

Entrance test procedures

The week of 24 to 28 June 2024 for students living in Hanoi and the last week of August 2024 (or early September) for students from abroad. Families will be informed of the test date by email.

  • Entry to GS and CP: French proficiency test (listening and speaking).
  • Entry to classes from CE1 to CM2: tests in French (reading, written production, spelling, conjugation) and maths (numeracy, arithmetic, problem solving, geometry).
  • Entry to secondary school: French test (written and oral skills), maths test, English test and interview in French if necessary.

The results of the test and the admission decision are final. The establishment is not obliged to provide detailed results.