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School catering: operation and prices.

How does it work?

School meals are available from the first day of school.

1) Kindergarten and elementary school students :

The canteen is compulsory for all nursery pupils (PS-MS-GS). They are therefore automatically enrolled by the school before the start of the school year.

n the interests of simplicity, all primary schools students (CP to CM2) enrolled during the school year will be automatically re-registered for the following school year. Only parents who wish to deregister their child(ren) must do so via the Eduka portal between 15 July and 25 August of the current calendar year.
For new primary schools students, families wishing to register their child(ren) must do so via the Eduka portal.

The Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin charges a flat-rate fee per term.

2) Middle and high school students:

Enrolled elementary and secondary students will have either half-board status (meals in the canteen) or day-board status (meals at home/outside the school). Secondary students who are declared day students will be able to take occasional meals in the canteen.

Middle and high school students will be able to eat lunch using a digital access card system. Payment is made directly to the service provider, ADEN, using the following three methods:

• Payment by credit card via ADEN’s online portal (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
• Cash payment at the canteen cash desk at LFAY (during lunchtimes)
Detailed informations will be sent to you at the end of August.

3) Lunch-box :
For a number of reasons, lunch boxes will no longer be tolerated from the start of the 2022 school year.

Running order :

Canteen: running order

Canteen: running order


The prices

1. Fixed-price catering for primary school students

Package rates 1st trimester 2nd trimester 3th trimester Total
Kindergarten 196 € 147 € 147 € 490 €
Elementary 212 € 159 € 159 € 530 €


2. Catering for secondary school students and staff (with use of card)
Lunch : 95 000 VND
Snack : 75 000 VND