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Trimester 2 Plan

by Wade Kimberly

Please find the planned progression for the CM1 Advanced English classes. The Standard classes will cover many of the same concepts but at a slower pace.

Concepts Covered

Oral Comprehension and Production

1. Follows simple instructions

2. Understands simple stories

  • Listening exercises

3. Can identify persons, objects and events in daily life

  • Days of the week
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Prepositions of place

4. Continuously improves theme-based vocabulary

  • Regular and Irregular verb forms in past simple
  • School clubs and activities
  • TV programs and films
  • Countable/uncountable nouns
  • How much? / How many?
  • Some/any
  • Words for furniture

5. Mastery of grade-level English sounds

  • Past simple ending sounds
  • Pronouncing the ‘s’ at the end of plurals

Reading Comprehension and Writing

6. Reads and follows simple instructions

7. Reads and comprehends simple stories

8. Can correctly spell grade-level words

  • Regular and Irregular verbs in past simple
  • Vocabulary
  • Commonly used words

9. Can produce a brief writing using grade-level syntax

  • Past simple
  • Forming and using words with –ing endings
  • Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
  • Articles