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A “Blue Dragon” outing

A “Blue Dragon” outing

Excerpts from the 3° Standard English Class essays.

It all started with San’s idea, he told us about the book he had done with his dad to raise money for the Blue Dragon, then he introduced us to some people who work for Blue Dragon. In class we talked about Charities and volunteer work. Finally, after days of waiting, we got to go to the school where many kids helped by Blue Dragon study.

Monday, 20th May we started from our school at 11.30 and we arrived at a school outside of Hanoi where about 50% of the children are supported by Blue Dragon, at quarter to 1. It was a very hot and sunny day, we were welcomed with a big sign that was hanging at the entrance of the school gate. The children arrived on bicycle and on foot at 1pm.

Each of us gathered into groups that we had chosen from the beginning, English and indoor games or outdoor games. We had to talk to the children and invite them to participate. They were very shy and surprised to see foreigners at the beginning but when we started to talk and play with them they had fun, we laughed together. Inside different classrooms we exchanged names and information about ourselves in English and played games. Some of us played chess and were very surprised to be beaten by these kids.

Outside it was very hot so we tried to stay in the shade. We played football, musical chairs, miming games to guess words, musical chairs and we danced Gangnam style and the Marcarena. Towards the end of our stay we gave them sweets and drinks.

The classrooms where in bad condition, only 4 fans in each classroom, no air conditioning. There were no TVs , computers or video projectors, no water in the classrooms or in the toilets.

“Usually I complain to my parents a lot about what my friends have that I don’t have. But that day, when I met those kids I realized I am extremely lucky. Those kids have nothing at all. The conditions at school are so bad but they seem so happy and friendly. They live in difficult conditions but always have a smile on their face. I t means they believe in a better future. I asked a little girl of 10 years old what was her dream and she said ‘I want to live in France and meet famous people.. ‘, then I told her to believe in that dream. I decided that from now on I won’t complain about what I don’t have to my parents because those kids have admired me.”

“We asked them what they wanted to do in the future… a few of them wanted to be a doctor to cure poor people. I really felt a positive energy in them. I don’t think we will forget this day because it was the first time in our lives to help such cute and smart children”

“The weather was really hot but I was sad to go back to our school. We really enjoyed this moment, it was a great experienced for everybody.”

“It was an incredible day. We hope that thanks to Blue Dragon these kids will have a better life.”

“We were very happy and had a great moment. We saw that those children were very shy but they were friendly too. We hope one day, we can go back there and help those children”.

BLUE DRAGON & LFAY LFAY Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin

By students of 3° Advanced English group

Blue Dragon is a charity organisation that helps street children and kids with difficult family backgrounds in Vietnam. It has many accomplishments to its credit, like saving young girls from the clutches of human trafficking and giving young kids a safe and happy shelter.

Four weeks ago, representatives of Blue Dragon came to our school and presented to our class about their organisation and its mission. Touched by the kindness and the benefits provided by Blue Dragon to the less fortunate children of Vietnam, our English teachers decided to give our class an opportunity to visit Tram Lo Secondary School at Bac Ninh province, where Blue dragon is sponsoring the education of some children, to experience, learn and help the children of this school.

On the 20th of May 2013, we began our journey to Bac Ninh with our English teachers, Mme. Gopi and Mme. Marshall. We were also accompanied by 2 representatives of Blue Dragon. We arrived at 1 p.m at Tram Lo school. Despite the scorching heat, we were quite enthusiastic and excited about meeting the kids. When the kids first saw us, they were very shy and were running away from us.

Our mission was to teach them little English and play some indoor and outdoor games. After a while, the kids came out of their shells and started interacting with us. Now, we had the opportunity in our hands. We divided ourselves into three groups and began our activities. The once shy kids, started participating with full enthusiasm and spirits.

In fact, we had big time fun when we played Musical chairs and danced for Macarena and Gangnam. One thing that really surprised us was little Quyen, a 10 year old girl from that school who spoke English so well. After spending an afternoon with them, we returned back to Hanoi with a sense of immense satisfaction. This trip was an eye opener and our interaction with Blue Dragon made us understand and appreciate the life that we have been bestowed with.